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Tire Speed Ratings

All tires have a speed rating. These speed ratings vary depending on the type of tire it is and what it is designed to do. Most have an H rating or higher. These ratings came from the German autobahn. Most would not be aware what happens to a tires speed rating when a tire repair has been done from a puncture. In most cases the speed rating is voided and not be driven faster then 85 mph.tirenail

  • L rating-75 mph
  • M rating-81 mph
  • N rating-87 mph
  • P rating-93 mph
  • Q rating-99 mph
  • R rating-106 mph
  • S rating-112 mph
  • T rating-118 mph
  • U rating-124 mph
  • H rating-130 mph
  • V rating-149 mph
  • W rating-168 mph
  • Y rating-186 mph
  • ZR rating- in excess of 186 mph.

Oil Restricter

Have you ever changed your own oil on your bmw or mini and now the oil pressure light stays on? This is caused by the oil restricter that is built into the cap has become stuck in the filter element and breaks off when the filter element is removed. The oil filter cap needs to be replaced to correct this issue.

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