Tire Speed Ratings

Tire Speed Ratings

All tires have a speed rating. These speed ratings vary depending on the type of tire it is and what it is designed to do. Most have an H rating or higher. These ratings came from the German autobahn. Most would not be aware what happens to a tires speed rating when a tire repair has been done from a puncture. In most cases the speed rating is voided and not be driven faster then 85 mph.tirenail

  • L rating-75 mph
  • M rating-81 mph
  • N rating-87 mph
  • P rating-93 mph
  • Q rating-99 mph
  • R rating-106 mph
  • S rating-112 mph
  • T rating-118 mph
  • U rating-124 mph
  • H rating-130 mph
  • V rating-149 mph
  • W rating-168 mph
  • Y rating-186 mph
  • ZR rating- in excess of 186 mph.

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